Saturday, May 8, 2010

Enough is enough !

I believe everyone is fully acquainted with the Shahzad dude and his terror-plot in the heart of the most happening, attracting, glamorized, sophisticated-in-style, busiest place on Earth; New York City. It’s a place where people fulfill their dreams, expectations, career, and plan terror attacks.

The bastard not only tried to gorge a car with explosives/gun-powder/ammunition/propane-tanks/fireworks/gasoline, he also tried to fly out of the continent. What was he thinking? He’ll be able to escape by playing this maneuver? Or was he thinking of living peacefully by burning down streets of Manhattan, killing as many as hundreds of innocent people, destroying ‘The Times Square’, creating havoc all across the globe? And now the most expected news: Shahzad has connections with Taliban. I’d like to personally thank the media for pointing out the Obvious! Thank you…

A bunch of guys sitting somewhere on the cliff, hidden from the world, loading up on as many nuclear weapons as they can, finding innocent people all across the world, getting them trained in the name of God, explaining them the purpose of their life, clenching their family on gun-point, seducing them for some money, and BOOM! The next thing you know Twin Tower collapses, a bus filled with innocent people explodes, a plane gets hijacked, an entire market burns down in flames, hostages get sealed up in a 5-star hotel, a train station has a view of blood flowing as water, dead bodies lying everywhere, a city sleeps in fear, a country in devastation mode, the world on high-alert.

In this Armageddon, a mother weeps over her son’s dead body, a father weeps to see his daughter with a bullet in her heart, and twins mourn to see their parents’ mortal remains. These are the scenarios shown while Mumbai Terror attacks in India. Ditto happened when WTC deflated.

I’d like to raise a question: Should we [innocent people] worry about the natural calamities happening all across the globe or terrorism? Isn’t it enough that we have seen such massive earthquakes, tusnami’s, volcanoes, and what not? Isn’t it enough that Mother Nature is already slapping us? Then why this man-made destruction? Why the terrorism? Why the fear of walking out on the street and never coming back? Why???

These bastards should mind their own bloody business. Damage is done, now let the world rest! Let the innocent people live their life peacefully. Each individual has their own share of problems, to add terrorism, would be pushing them off the cliff. In that case, Fight Back! Fight Back! Fight Back !


  1. i loved the attitude

  2. Exactly! We do not care if your God is better than our God. Good for you, if that's the case!(let alone the fact that there is only one God) Do not kill us and kill yourself to prove your unjustifiable proposition.



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