Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Knock on the door. Who’s there?... Death !!!

Surprised to read the title? Yeah, me too… I don’t want to die like that. On one unexpected day, unexpected hour, you get a knock and that’s it, you’re knocked out!.... Nah.. Too lame!

Dasvidaniya would be the right way to execute a life. An outstanding, simple, commendable, congenial, a straight-forward script. “A memorable experience, one that will leave you richer.” Yup, that would be correct way to describe this film. Usually our Indian movies have very catchy names, you know like DDLJ, KKHH, Fashion and so on… Something we can relate to, however, this movie went somewhat unnoticed. Reason being - the enunciation, the dull characters, none slim figures, no masala number and just the overall picture. Per contra, I watched it this past weekend. Well well, I must say, I just loved it. A simple, hard-working, average looking guy finds out that, ‘he’s dying.’ Now what??? Cease the moment! Accept it! Relinquish life as ordinary-extra OR extra-ordinary? Guess what he chose??? Extra-ordinary! Right choice, without a doubt. So, he came up with 10 things on his ‘Things-to-do list.’ Nothing too fancy, just things a common man would dream of. Fortunately, he accomplished all of them and passed out peacefully with spreading joy all over his horizons. And mind you - now that’s called a memorable [not painful] death. At last, everyone has to perish away from Earth. Why not fulfill all the dreams before shedding this body? Why not remain a happy thought in other’s heart as oppose to one painful nightmare, an unpredictable demise? Let’s do our 10 things we desperately want to before dying… Dost, let’s make our life noteworthy, bodacious, and celebrated.

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  1. Kool I am going to make a list soon. and I will watch this movie soon too :)



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