Friday, November 19, 2010

Recap of 2010

It sure has been a roller-coaster since Jan 2010… Gosh, where do I begin??? The year 2010 kick-started with the entire media going frenzy over IPL games and Rajasthan Royals bringing home the Cup. Making their curvy lady completely glorious and well-pleased. Should have seen the smile on Mrs. S S Kundra's face! The lady got all the limelight and left no stones unturned in flaunting the victory of her team [of course with the help of immense ghapla and ghootala]. Since we are on the two G’s, I do have a little more to mention on that. Remember the dispute for IPL Kochi team which brought along a name not-so-known in the media until Mr. Shashi Tharoor brought her along with him! Shobhaa De likes to address her as Mrs. Pushy-kar mam. However, hands down, the winner of two G’s was none-other-than Modi sir. Ditto for Kalmadi and the entire corruption issue on CWG games 2010. Can you imagine the biggest ever opening ceremony of Common Wealth Games in New Delhi? I mean, it was fantastically mesmerizing and breath-taking. The cover of the games were complete dhamaal, however, if you dig deep, it is left and right golmaal. Oh, that’s an addition to my two G’s. By the way, it was a pleasure to see Obama Uncle visiting India and celebrating Diwali. Apparently, his visit got higher ratings than Clinton’s.

On a lighter note, my heart goes out to all the people who lost their loved ones in the Mangalore crash. Also, to all the Bhopal tragedy victims and survivors. I still feel despondent towards the court’s decision. After all, the cost of poor has come down to Rs. 25,000 for injured and Rs. 1 lakh for the dead! Consuming poisonous gas is as deadly as a hurricane or earthquake or a landslide. Don’t we encounter enough natural calamities every year, then why create one manually? In addition to the Bhopal Gas tragedy settlement, there was another pending case which announced the verdict this year. Ayodha’s Babri Masjid longed for more than a decade and finally when the Judge gave his verdict it was [as expected] not fully acceptable by many. The court case is never considered a blissful solution as one has to lose, whatsoever! A special mention about Khap Panchayat and Honor Killing, which brings anger and tears to the eyes. Why, just why is such insanity still alive in our country?

Moving on to some B’town gossip! Munni got fully badnaam in order to make Dabangg a successful hit! A well composed effort from the Khan Parivaar. The feud continues on between Salman Khan and Mr. Bachchan. Way to make it obvious guys! With Bigg Boss airing and providing with any and every ridiculous, cheap and derogatory ideas, it came down to Pamela Anderson [the porn star] and Dolly Bindra [C grade actress] to boost the TRP against AB’s KBC. Karan came back with his hot brewing Koffee and opened doors to the secret life of our much known celebrities. As if we were short on buzz town gossip! Vivek Oberoi decided to get hitched and got over the bhoot of Ash. Not many block buster hits except for a few. Aside from Bollywood, I can’t stop myself from mentioning the most famous site of the year: Facebook. So, Facebook, let’s tweet?

WOW… What a year! From 3G’s to IPL to CWG to controversies’ to verdicts to honor killing to Munni… sigh! This is India, dost !


  1. Nice one. but this time Chennai won the IPL and not Rajasthan Royals. uff. I dont know how did u misunderstood the winner's name. and u forgot to mention Sachin Tendulkar's 200* which happened in this year itself. But why did u write this blog post so early. It sud be on 31st december naa? hmM?

  2. LOL at the above comment and thanks for updating me! I remember Mrs. Kundra throwing a party and automatically assumed that RR won the IPL. Also, I do very well remember Sachin's victory, it completely slipped out of my mind while writing it.
    The reason I wrote this article now and not on Dec 31 is because technically our new year begins after Diwali so thought why not write it now...
    I have tons to share on Dec 31st... so stay tuned! :)

  3. and what abt the engagement and wedding preparation??? :D :D

    how can u forget that to blend in??



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