Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Koffee with Karan

I like…nah…I love this show! A-class celebrities babbling with ‘The Man’ and sipping koffee in a very gay mood. Since the news channel and B’town media is ranting a little too much on Ash calling her father-in-law ‘Hot’, I knew season three is brewing… Gawd, can this lady grow up at all? I mean, who calls their father-in-law HOT publicly or privately? Anyhow, irrespective of this, I’m anxiously waiting for the season three to start. One thing’s for sure, Karan does everything with panache! Whether it’s throwing a party or sipping koffee.

Yesterday evening, after a thirty minute run in somewhat a chilly yet sexy weather, I surfed through some YouTube videos. Out of nowhere, I came across Rakhi Sawant’s episode with KWK. I got too startled and watched it all over again. That girl is Something. O yeah, believe me you, she is considered the gutsiest lady of India. She’s blunt, bold and just out there… However, at times, the boldness should remain inside only. Like she mentioned on the show, “my parents tell me, you don’t have to act like a Damini.” On a side note, remember the legendary dialogue from Damini, ‘tareeqh pe tareeqh’ alleged by Sunny Deol. Well, the Deol clan is coming out next year with a bumper dhamaka of their ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’. Oops, got a little side-tracked here! Back to Rakesh Sawant, ohhh I meant Rakhi Sawant!

According to Rakhi, if she talks in English then only she can understand, audience will misinterpret every word of her. This was proven when she performed at the opening day of Bigg Boss and called herself ‘Solitid’. Salman and I, both took a while to figure out that she actually meant ‘Solitaire’. Everyone just loves to hate her. Karan fancied her company to the fullest on his show. There wasn’t a single dull moment around Rakhi. I believe this is the only episode where Karan could not stop laughing. And yeah, the entire Rakhi chapter was too hilarious even for the audience.

Going in a loop…Season three will start with a big bang! The first guest [like I mentioned earlier], will have Jr. Bachchans followed by an awaiting episode of Aamir Khan. I hope this time Karan brings on Rakhi Sawant and Dolly Bindra together. They’ll bring the entire house down with their cheesy comments. And yeah, the producers will have a ball with the highest TRP ever!

“Jo God nahi deta, woh Doctor deta hai!” – Rakhi Sawant


  1. hahaha... wat a post... loved it... These celebrities can say anything.. so dont be so surprised by the Aishwarya's comment... U can urself see what Dolly Bindra is doing inside the house.. these celebrities are weird.

  2. dolly and rakhi..lol
    that would be some riot :P